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Archives: Random, But Me

The withs and whats, the ifs and buts, the whens and hows, and the ins and outs.

A cumulation of my "random, but me" work, process, and personal projects that may or may not fit into a specific category of "design". All of these mixed with my passions and creative juices. These are the outcomes of my wild and outrageous ideas.

Feminist Posters

Where you at Nora?

Purpose: An investigation of the people in New York City.


 I had someone film me in the middle of New York City Dancing awkwardly, and most people didn't even take a second glance. New Yorkers truly only care about where they are headed.

Time to Vote

Art Through Process


An app idea/promo to benefit student lives on campus.


Dance Title: Bad Faith

Song: Brother by Matt Corby

Dancers: The Fashion Institute of Technology Dance Company

Beats Disco Ball Speaker

A  Beats speaker that is hung like a disco ball. Can be made as a personal size or be made on a large scale to be hung in clubs and promote Beats products.

Playing with Motion

Prompt: Convey a feeling of Eeriness

Valentine's Day Audio

Prompt: What does Valentine's Day Mean to You.

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Salt Commercial: Circa 2008 Me

TV Background Star

Why? : I started going to TV shows because I love to see how they are produced. Needless to say, I found myself attending a TV show at least once a week for a period of time. It was then when family and friends started seeing me on TV, that it became a new goal to be in the background of as many TV shows as I could attend.

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