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Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a botanical garden in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. There they have a Library that is open to the public. These projects are to bring attention to this area of the garden that may not be as popular.


Century is a book about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's History and Library. When the book is opened there is an arrow which a person can grab and pull. The pages are accordion style so it can easily be extended out. The flower serves as a time-line to show how the Brooklyn Botanic Library has "grown" throughout the years. 

Growing Knowledge: Let's Grow Together

Growing Knowledge is a Do It Yourself project meant to teach the public how to grow plants using the books found in the Brooklyn Botanic Library. It is a way to raise awareness of what the Library at Botanic Garden has to offer, and also a way to bring people in the neighborhood together. 

What Does the Project Entail?

A person will bring a book home, along with the seeds/soil/pot/light (provided by the library), that will teach them how to grow that specific plant. This will start at the beginning of February, and then in April the plants will be brought back to the Botanic Garden and be planted for the spring and summer season. 

What is the Reward?

1. The plant the participant grows will be named after them.

2. The participant will receive free admission into the garden for 2 visits during the spring/summer season.

3. An "Official Gardener" plaque will be awarded to the participant.

4. The participant will receive an invitation to participate in a Botanic Garden Book Club throughout the year.

Who is the project for?

It is for all ages. There will be different categories/levels of gardening based on age, time commitment, and skill level.

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The Growing Knowledge App will make it easy for participants in the project to access the events going on through out the year at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There are 4 main pages: The Green House Media, Library, The Dirt, and Calendar. 


The Green House Media: A social media page for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This is where participants can share the progress of their own personal gardens/plants, ask questions, and discuss. 

Library: The library page is where a participant can look up book archives that are in the library. If they have a specific question, that they cannot find on their own,  they can live chat with a librarian. 

The Dirt: A page where a participant can follow articles, news, and writers that talk about their own gardening tips and tricks.

Calendar: A page where a participant can view all events that are happening throughout the year.

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