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We as a human race live only within our own heads. Life does not happen to you, but develops through you. Moreover, life is happening for you. You know your mind exists because you can hear your own thoughts and ideas. But that is all.

This Publication "To Be or Not To Be", is made up of multiple articles that are meant to make the viewer question what is real and what is not. This publication was not designed to give answers, it was merely designed to make the viewer think.

This article was designed to confuse the viewer about what they are reading. Within the article words were found next to each other to form random sentences. The sentences were new “headlines”. From there those “headlines” were googled in chrome.

The articles supplementing “Nothing on this page is real”, are the articles that were the first to pop up in the search engine when looking up the random “headlines”.

“page following. two women, one black and one white”

“Claims Bill Clinton had Sex with Cow”
“Is Michelle Obama really dating Bruce Springsteen?”

“racist fed garbage”

“we must END”
“arrived in Defense at a White House ceremony”

Some of these articles are real and some are fake, it’s up to the viewer to decide.

(See in space version at the bottom of this page)\\

When one first looks at this article, all they can see is the title. When one procedes to look further, the title opens up like a book and the article “How do you know that you know what you know” unravels to the ground.

(See in space version at the bottom of this page)

“Our understanding of, and interaction with, the world comes through particular con- structs of the human body”

This article was designed to be interacted with. From first glance it is just a plain title, but when you become active with it, the article appears. How one comes about the article all depends on the individual themself. It’s all about perception.

How do you know that you know what you know?