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En Screen is a triptych series based on dance in the digital world. They are designed for a symposium where the effects  of viral dance videos will be discussed.

~ How are viral videos changing dance as an art form? Are we losing what dance is originally suppose to be? Is technology combined with dance a  whole new genre of art? ~

Triptych I

Focusing on repetition and juxtaposition, these posters are using a series of photographs of a dancer to form a film strip, which also creates a body form. They play with the idea of how a video of a dancer can feel so real, but as an audience, we are merely just looking at a still poster.

Triptych II

Focusing on the manipulation of type, these posters were designed to create a surreal feeling of movement. When one watches a dance on screen, the screen is not actually moving, but at a still. When we watch a dance on a screen it is as if the dancer is right in front of us even though they could actually be half way around the world. To embody this surreal movement the type was manipulated to make the viewer feel they are watching the text "move" poster to poster. Using a vibrant yellow-green with a muted purple, posters are given a specific high energy that the viewer can feel across the room. The distortion of the body carries the idea of surrealism as well. By being distorted it makes the viewer realize that the bodies are manipulated by the posters themselves, much how videos on a screen can be a manipulation for dance.

Triptych III

Focusing on the use of symbols, these posters use the Dance Dance Revolution arrow as a way to communicate one of the main ideas/questions of the symposium. "How are dancers being affected by viral videos?" Dance Dance Revolution is a video game that tells the player how to move/dance to earn the most points. The player has to step/dance to earn the most points. The player has to step/dance on certain arrows in order to win. It is a significant juxtaposition to the question for the symposium. In these posters an image of a contemporary dancer is manipulated into a grid as if taken over by the video world them self, where they are being "told" how to dance. The arrows represent the viral videos, creating movement throughout the triptych, but more importantly they represent the influenced movement for the dancer.

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pink arrow-01.png
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