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~Artsy, Playful, Mischief


Idle Playthings is a non-profit theater company that  specializes in classical texts. The logo portrays a quality for mischief and playfulness within their company. 

~Mutual, Clean, Inviting


Transfiguration is a cosmetics company, created for the trans community. The logo was designed to be inviting, and clean. 

~Modern, Sophisticated , Earthy 


Composte is a resturant/market place that revolves around composting. The logo was designed to represent the decomposition of plants and food. The three layers of colors were created to represent the three floors of the building: the compost area, the restaurant/market, and the rooftop greenhouse. The overall design is made to make composting desirable for all. 

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~Rustic, Fresh 


The WNY company, is a roofing company in Western New York. The logo was designed to be rustic, and give the feeling of hard work.

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